photograph showcase

Photograph Showcase: Father & Son

John Baptiste & John A. Jerrain, May 31, 1918
John Baptiste Jerrain & John A Jerrain, 31 May 1918

I know this photo is tiny and hard to see, but it’s the best I’ve got of this little gem.  I love that John Baptiste is smiling!

John A Jerrain is his son.  The son he would live with the last few years of his life.  The very son whose home would be the place John Baptiste passed from this life.

They look like they got along, don’t they?



I hope it’s a happy Thursday for you!  Today will be a bit sad for me.  I’m playing the organ at a funeral for a sweet friend.  I just went through this exact same experience two weeks ago with a different friend.  Funerals are sad.  Thankfully, my friend lived a long and wonderful life.  I hope her family will feel some comfort, peace, and healing tomorrow.  I’m thankful I can offer one last act of loving service by playing some comforting hymns.  xoxo