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Photograph Showcase: Isabella McLaren AGAIN!

Isabella Boles
Isabella McLaren and unknown child


Recently, one of my Scottish cousins found me through my blog.  Bonus, she actually lives in Scotland.  We have been sharing information and photos this past week and among other treasures, she doubled my photo collection for Isabella McLaren, my 4th great-grandmother, when she shared this little gem with me.

The photo is very small and most easily viewed on a screen.  It looks like a very good match for the other photo I have of Isabella.  What do you think?

My new cousin also told me which of our shared cousins shared this photo with her.  That tidbit gave me confidence in the photo label.

I LOVE the cousin connections I make because of my blog.  ❤️



Happy Thursday, I hope you make a cousin connection AND photo discovery very soon!  xoxo