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Photo Provenance Project: Catherine McIntyre Boles Portrait

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Today’s photo is actually the photo seen above in the header image.  I originally shared this photo in February of 2019.

The photo subject is Catherine Boles, or Catherine McIntyre Boles, my 3rd great-grandmother.  I have Catherine listed without a middle name in my tree.  Her marriage and death records do not include a middle name for her.  Neither do any of the census records.  A middle name of McIntyre appears in a few records for her children’s vital events.  This middle name makes sense as her mother’s mother’s full maiden name was Catherine McIntyre (or MacIntyre).  Catherine Boles was the oldest daughter so being named for her maternal grandmother follows the naming pattern used in Scotland.  I suppose I need to update her name in my tree!  😉

As a reminder, my cousin, Gregg Young, will mention his Aunt Mary Costello (nee Young), Mary is my great-grandmother.

Here is the lovely photo of Catherine:


Catherine McIntyre Boles


Gregg Young wrote this regarding the provenance of this family photo:

Subjects in photo:  Catherine McIntyre Boles (abt 1845-1925) 

My relationship: Catherine McIntyre Brown (nee Boles) is my great grandmother.

Photo Information: My Grandmother, Catherine Young (nee Brown) had a number of photographs. These came into my father’s possession after her death.  After his passing, the photo came to my possession.   

My father didn’t know who this subject was.  I showed a number of photos to my Aunt Mary Costello (nee Young).  She identified this photo and one other as being her “Grandma Brown” meaning Catherine McIntyre Brown (nee Boles).

I do not know when the photo was taken but was prior to 1925.    

I do not know who took the photo.  It may possibly be a photographer passing through the neighborhood.  This photo is the front of a postcard. Nothing was on the back of the card. A number of these postcards photos were taken at the turn of the century (1900’s).  Subjects were seated in front of their home where the light would be better for the photograph. This is probably the case in this photo. If so, the photo was possibly taken on her porch in High Street, Carluke. 

Confirmation: No one other than my aunt has identified this photo.  However, she has identified two other photos with the same person as her “Grandmother Brown.”  One of the photos was with an older lady identified as Isabella McLaren.  (See Photograph Showcase: Isabella McLaren & Catherine Boles).  It does make sense that mother and daughter would appear in that photo and the age difference looks to correct. 


Shared with me by Gregg Young in an email dated 28 July 2019.


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