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Photograph Showcase: Grandma Duval Cooking

DUVAL, Estelle & Frank D, 4 November 1940, Bellingham, W
Hope Estelle Maffit & son Frank, 4 November 1940, Bellingham, Washington


I love this photo so much!  Wouldn’t it be perfect to hang in the kitchen?!  That looks an awful lot like pancake batter going into the pan, but I wonder what is in the shaker that young Frank is holding?  I don’t sprinkle anything on pancakes aside from the occasional blueberries.  If not pancakes, what else might Grandma Duval be making?

Estelle is my great-grandmother, the one who eventually became a professional photographer.  The little boy is her son Frank.  This photo was taken in Bellingham, Washington on 4 November 1940.  The photographer was most likely my great-grandfather, Frank Duval.  Yep, another Frank.  There are four of them in a row, plus a few others in different cousin families.

This photo comes from the collection of my Grandma, Deane Alice Duval, Estelle’s daughter.  Here is the back of the photo, the handwriting is Estelle’s:

DUVAL, Estelle & Frank D, 4 November 1940, Bellingham, WA, photo back



Happy Thursday, I hope you will scan and share a favorite old family photo today!  xoxo