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Photograph Showcase: Father & Daughter

Francis Henry Duval & Deane Alice Duval, October 1945


This beautiful photo includes my grandmother, Deane Alice Duval, and her father, my great-grandfather, Francis Henry Duval.

The back of the photo is labeled “Oct 1945” in my great-grandmother’s handwriting.  In October 1945, my Grandma was thirteen years old and her Dad was forty-four years old.

My Grandma and her Dad were very close.  I have lots of photos of the two of them together, but I think this one is my new favorite.



Happy Thursday, I hope you will scan and share a precious family photo today!  xoxo




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  1. I love it! My pops has been feeling old and down of late, do you have a photo of them you can post or just send to my email?

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