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Photograph Showcase: Grandma Deane at Five Months

Hope Estelle Maffit holding Deane Alice Duval, age five months, about November 1932


This photo includes my great-grandmother, Hope Estelle Maffit, and her daughter, my grandmother, Deane Alice Duval.  The back of the photo is labeled simply with, “5 mo. old.”  Grandma Deane was born 27 June 1932, so this photo was likely taken in November of 1932.  The family was living in Great Falls, Montana at the time, the likely location for this photo.

I love my great-grandmother’s smile!  She looks genuinely happy.  Grandma Deane, on the other hand, looks pretty serious.  Her cheeks and chin were nice and full.  What a wonderful thing to see given the state of the economy in 1932.  Although it makes sense, my great-grandpa had a successful moonshine business until the end of prohibition.  😉

This lovely little photo is a small 1–1/2″ x 2″ proof print.  Like many of the photos from this side of my family, the top of the photo has damage from cellophane tape.  Great-Grandma Estelle liked to tape photos into her photo albums.  I did my best to minimize the damage.





Happy Thursday!  I hope you will scan and share a precious family photo today.  xoxo



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    1. It is?! How fun! I’ve never been there, but I have lots of photos from my family members who lived there. ❤️

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