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Photograph Showcase: Deane Alice Duval All Dressed Up

DUVAL, Deane Alice wearing formal dress as teenager- edited
Deane Alice Duval


Isn’t this a lovely portrait of my Grandma?  Unfortunately, it is unlabeled.  She appears to be about fifteen years old.  If that is correct, this photo would have been taken in about 1947.

Her dress is beautiful.  I wonder if her mother made it?  I wonder what color it was?


Happy Thursday, I hope you will scan and share a favorite old family photo today!  xoxo



4 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Deane Alice Duval All Dressed Up”

    1. Thank you, Cathy! Me too!!! My first thought was a blush pink but my Grandma was not a pink-wearing kind of girl. So that was the end of my guessing. Haha!!

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