RootsTech – A Place Where Genealogists Meet

My very dear friend Catrina and I celebrating the fact that I’m going to RootsTech London in October!


I love attending RootsTech.  This was my fourth year attending in person and it was definitely the best so far.  I love the learning that occurs in class and in the expo hall.  Spending time with my dear friend Catrina is also one of the highlights every year.

But this year was different.

Serving as an Ambassador forced me to be more social.  I served with a wonderful group of people, many of whom I knew online but had never met in person.  RootsTech helped me change that.

The RootsTech theme this year was ‘Connect – Belong’.  What a perfect theme because RootsTech brings genealogists together.

I’m not the best at taking selfies, and I’m even worse at taking photos of my own life, so asking to take selfies as I met so many genealogists was definitely a stretch for me.  I warmed up as the week went on and got some great photos.

Thank you, RootsTech, for bringing so many genealogists from all over the world together!




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  1. It’s a great collection of photos that bring the event to life. Looking forward to hearing about your RootsTech adventures in London!

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