RootsTech Connect Begins Next Week! Are You Ready?


RootsTech Connect begins next week!


Lots of questions have come my way about RootsTech Connect.  How will it work?  Where are the class lists?  How do you watch the videos?

Let’s focus on the four most important things to know.

First, the RootsTech Connect website will launch Wednesday the 24th.  What you see now when you go to the RootsTech website is not what you will see once RootsTech Connect begins.  You can view the list of classes in English here.  You can view the keynote schedule here.

Second, it’s a good idea to register for the event and create a free FamilySearch account.  Class videos can be accessed by anyone, but chat participation and playlist creation require logging in.

Third, during the event, each class will have a chat feature.  Presenters will spend some time in the chats linked to their classes.  Take advantage of this opportunity to ask presenters questions during the event.  Chats will go away after the event.

Fourth, all video content will be available to view on the RootsTech website for one year.


Still have questions?


If you have an hour, you can watch this video from FamilySearch.  If you don’t, this blog post by my good friend, Sue McNelly, covers some additional important items.



Happy Thursday, I hope you enjoy RootsTech Connect!  xoxo