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Ellis Album, Photos 85 & 86 – Mystery Photos & the End of the Album

ELLIS, Claude & Blanche, labeled Brothers, Fred and Edward Ellis
My great-grandparents, Claude and Blanche Ellis are the second couple from the left.
ELLIS, Claude Albert, back left
My great-grandfather, Claude Albert Ellis is in the back row, first from left.


These are the last two photos in Grandma Ellis’ album.  They are puzzling.  They aren’t labeled on the back.  The first photo has this stamp on the back:

ELLIS, Claude & Blanche, labeled Brothers, Fred and Edward Ellis, stamp on photo back

Underneath that photo, written on the album page, is this note:


“Brothers, Fred and Edward Ellis.”

When the photo is tucked into the photo corners, those words are covered.

There is no note underneath the second photo.

Both photos were clearly taken in the same sitting.  The men are all wearing the same ties, the drapes are the same.

I can pick out my great-grandfather Claude Albert Ellis in both photos, and my great-grandmother Blanche Octavia Huband in the photo with spouses.  In the first photo, Claude and Blanche are the couple that is second from the left.  In the second photo, Claude is in the back row, left.

None of the men look like Grandpa Ellis’ brothers Fred – Frederick George Ellis – and Edward – Charles Edward Ellis – to me.

I wonder if Grandma Ellis had originally planned to put a different photo on that page, wrote the note and then when she changed her mind, covered the original note with the photo…?  Or, am I just not spotting Fred and Edward?

Descendants of Fred and Edward, if you come across this and can add any insight, I would love to hear from you!


The End of the Album, the End of the Project


What a cool project this has been!  I’ve connected with lots of cousins.  I’ve learned more about my great-grandparents and their loved ones.  I’ve felt a deeper connection to my great-grandmother, the creator of this wonderful album.

The album is now safely tucked into a Hollinger box, each page separated by a piece of archival tissue, the corners of the album protected by a small piece of crumpled tissue.  The box has a home atop the large bookshelf in my office.  Every photo has been digitized, shared, and backed up.

Now what?

Well, I loved the project so much that I am going to select another album to digitize, share, and preserve.  The hard part is choosing which album.  I have three more that were created by Grandma Ellis, a few that were created by her daughter, my Grandma Peterson, and several that were created by my great-grandmother Hope Estelle Maffit Duval.  Grandma Ellis has one living child, Grandma Duval has one living child, Grandma Peterson has four living children.  I don’t want to miss the opportunity to have those older family members help me understand the photos so I’m going to choose an album created by one of my great-grandmothers.  But which one?  I don’t know yet.  🙂



These photos come from the thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth pages of the album:


This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.




6 thoughts on “Ellis Album, Photos 85 & 86 – Mystery Photos & the End of the Album”

    1. Thank you, Su. That is what I’m thinking so it’s nice to get your vote of confidence. Either way, I hope by including all of the facts here, eventually I may know more. ❤️

  1. I thought it strange that a caption for a group photo would only mention two names and not their position in the picture. You may be on to something. Congratulations on the end of this project. Can’t wait to see whose you chose for the next one.

    1. Thank you, Cathy! It feels awesome to feel “done” with a genealogy project. Most projects never feel fully complete to me. I research in places so far from my home that I almost always feel like I’m close but still want some on the ground research to finish things off. But this project – totally done! 😉

      You and Su are both making me feel better about my guess that the label was not intended for this photo. Thank you! And now I just need to spend a few minutes choosing an album. After RootsTech, I think. 🙂

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