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Photograph Showcase: Grandma’s First Job

DUVAL, Deane, August 1948, age 16, 1st job, ice cream parlor 2 blocks from house on Walton
Deane Alice Duval, August 1948, age 16, at her first job working at an ice cream parlor two blocks from her home on Walton in Spokane.


Some of my very favorite photos are of the everyday experiences of my ancestors – like this one featuring my Grandma at her first job.  She worked at an ice cream parlor just two blocks from her home on Walton in Spokane, Washington.

This photo was taken in August 1948 when Grandma was 16 years old.  I love her blouse and apron – the details are beautiful.

I will be grateful for all of my days that my great-grandmother was a photographer.  Moments like this were captured and preserved and I am honored to have the privilege of digitizing and sharing her incredible work.  ❤️



Happy Thursday!  Have you digitized any treasured photos lately?  xoxo



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    1. Thank you! I would love to have photos of my parents at their first jobs too. No such luck though. 😉

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