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Ellis Album, Photo 77 – Blake Storey

Blake Storey

Once again, I have a beautiful mystery child.  The label simply reads, “Blake Storey”.

The Storey name is connected to my Ellis family.  My great-grandaunt Alice Eliza Ellis married Joseph Smith Storey.  They had two daughters and three sons.  I would imagine that Blake descends from one of those sons in some way but I wasn’t able to find the connection.

Family of Blake Storey, if you come across this photo and can help me identify Blake and his family I would love to hear from you!



This photo comes from the thirty-fourth page of the album.  Here are pages thirty-four and thirty-five to give context for this photo:

IMG_1668 - edited

This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.


8 thoughts on “Ellis Album, Photo 77 – Blake Storey”

  1. What a beautiful child. I hope this proves to be another photo that finds its way to family members.
    Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy and productive 2019 Amberly.

    1. Thank you, Su! Me too. So far, I haven’t heard anything, but I also didn’t have any leads so he’s not tagged to anyone on FamilySearch. I’ve actually been wondering if maybe he is still alive…? (I try not to post photos of living people without their permission but I have no idea about him.)

      I hope you and your family also enjoy a wonderful 2019 filled with lots of joy and goodness. ❤️

      1. Thanks Amberly. I had thought that he might be alive still. I’m sure, given that you’re trying to reunite the photo with family, that he wouldn’t mind it being posted.

        1. I hope you are right! And he is so very young in the photo… How can one get mad when looking at that sweet, little boy smile? 😉

  2. I am so thankful that I found you & it turned 2018 into a wonderful year. I hope you are able to locate Blake.

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