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Photograph Showcase: Christmas is Definitely Cuter with Children and Kittens

costello3 edited

I love this photo of my uncle!  This is another portrait taken by his grandmother, my great-grandmother, Hope Estelle Maffit.  I also display this photo during December.  The original was cut into this strange shape before it came to me.  It has a piece of cardboard attached at the back to serve as a stand.  You can see a bit of it peeking out from behind.  I spent a little time editing to make it appear as a full image once again.

Here is the original scan:

costello3, unedited

Do you have any photos that could use a little editing love?  What programs have you tried?  I’m a PhotoShop purist.


Happy Thursday, I hope you are enjoying the December festivities!



18 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: Christmas is Definitely Cuter with Children and Kittens”

  1. I love this! I may share it to my Facebook page for vintage stuff (Val’s Vintage Potpourri.)

    I think you probably already know what I do with photos, from my blog… but, er… yeah, I’m always editing them and more. My preference is PhotoShop Elements. (PSE) I can’t afford the ‘full’ Photoshop and PSE does me fine.

  2. It is a gorgeous photo, and so much better after your editing.
    I have recently “hired” the boy child to restore and repair all our family photos. He’s worked in a photo studio and is so quick and efficient with PhotoShop. I know I should probably learn to use it, but have a bunch of apps on my iPad that work for general photo editing, and it’s hard to justify learning something new when I have so many other calls on my time (and an “on-tap” pro in my son) 🙂

  3. What a wonderful photo! I’ve heard different things about Photoshop and would love to be able to use it but it’s so expensive! I do wish I had someone around, though, who could fix up some of my old photos! 😀

      1. I do not understand those people who feel good from cleaning! It is a necessary chore. Period! So many other things I would rather do!

        1. Right?! When we were college students, my husband and I lived with a wealthy, widower who was in his 90s. We took care of him, shopped for him, cooked for him, etc. His wife had a little trinket on the kitchen windowsill (that he did not move after her death) that said “An immaculate home is the sign of a misspent life!” So true. 🙂

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