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From the Beginning: Family Tree – Adding, Tagging, & Sharing Photos

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Photos and Stories make family history come to life.

As you move forward in your family history journey, you will start to collect photos and stories.  I promise.  You may think they will never find their way to you but they will.  Sometimes the photos you gather are scans and sometimes originals – but they are all precious.  It is important to take these treasures and preserve them in a digital format.  This allows you to preserve a photo or document as it currently is before it is further degraded by time.  Plus it makes it really easy to share.

There are plenty of great places to store your photos and stories online.  You can write a blog, use a photo sharing site like Flickr or Picasa, or you can post these items to Facebook.

One of my favorite free options for preserving digital memories is on the FamilySearch website.  They will store your photos and stories for you, for free, forever.

You can tag each person in a photo, add a title and details.  You can link the photo to the person in Family Tree so others can easily find the photos.  Or if you choose, you can upload them but not link them to the tree, keeping them to yourself.

Want to watch a quick tutorial?  Click here.  The FamilySearch website has been updated and looks a little different from what you see in the video but the functions as shown in the video are the same.

Whether you use FamilySearch, Flickr, Blogger, Picasa, WordPress, Facebook or another site, use something to help make sure your precious family photos are digitally preserved and backed up for you and your family members!

Try out the ‘Memories’ feature on FamilySearch today.  See if you like it.

3 thoughts on “From the Beginning: Family Tree – Adding, Tagging, & Sharing Photos”

  1. Hello Amber, Sheila Laundry here. We corresponded before about our Boles family. I have been wondering if you knew anything about Isabella McLaren who married James Thomson Boles November 18 1844 in Stirling, Scotland. She gives her place of birth as Bredelbane, Scotland which was the scene of the Highland Clearances. I reread your stories on Helen Boles-both of them and love how you captured their lives. I hope your own life is going well, Sheila

    1. Hi Sheila,
      Sorry I’m so slow. I’ve been quite ill. I’m just starting to catch up. I don’t know much about Isabella McLaren but I do have a photo of her. I’m off to RootsTech. I’ll try to remember to post her photo when I get back. If I don’t do it soon will you remind me?

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