RootsTech 2019 is Next Week!!


RootsTech is one week away!!

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your RootsTech experience:


Comfy shoes are a must – you’ll do lots of walking.


Wear light layers.  The Salt Palace is a big space but it’s filled with lots of people.  That means some rooms are hot and stuffy and others are chilly, be prepared to adjust throughout the day.


PLAN!  Make a plan for your class schedule, the Expo Hall, and the Family History Library.  Last year I wrote a detailed post about how I plan, you can read that here.  The more time you spend planning, the better your experience will be.

You can find the 2019 RootsTech class schedule here.  You can access the handouts through the mobile app.  The app allows you to download the handout to your device.  I like to put them into my Google Drive and then print them from my computer.  You can learn more about the RootsTech app here.


Skip a class and wander the Expo Hall when it’s quiet.  I did this last year and learned so much during the downtime!  When there are no lines you can ask more questions of the vendors.  I even had a Québec expert at the Québec Genealogical eSociety booth look at a few records for me because she was fascinated by my question.  She shared invaluable information with me that helped me understand one of my brick wall ancestors better.


Connect with other genealogists.  I know that lots of us genealogists are pretty introverted folks and sometimes we need to just be quiet as we sit, but chat with the people around you when you have the energy for it.  You will make awesome connections.  Who knows, maybe the stranger next to you happens to be an expert in the very thing you need to learn about next.


Food – there are lots of food options in the Salt Palace and other restaurants close by.  In the Salt Palace, there are food vendors in the hallways that sell meals, snacks, and beverages throughout the day.  During lunchtime, there are also food options in the back of the expo hall with large tables behind them.  The food has been pretty good the last few years.


Water – stay hydrated.  I like to have two water bottles with me each day.  When I empty one I hang onto it and fill it back up at one of the ice-water stations that will be scattered throughout the Salt Palace.


Bathrooms – there are lots of bathrooms throughout the Salt Palace.  Identify the out of the way bathrooms and use them when possible, they rarely have lines.


Coupons – many of the vendors in the Expo Hall will be offering special pricing during RootsTech.  Others will have coupons that you can take with you that have discounts that are good for a while after RootsTech.  If there is a subscription service you are interested in, be sure to stop by that booth and find out what they are offering during RootsTech.

One of my favorite coupon/subscription experiences from last year was the time I spent at the booth.  I knew there were several articles about my family that were from newspapers that were part of their premium collection.  An employee in the booth pulled them up for me so I could get a better idea of what was available.  I used the coupon to purchase a premium subscription and I’ve never gone back – it is SOOOO worth the money for me and my research.


Books.  Oh, books.  I love books so much!  You must check out the books in the Expo Hall.  Between books and DNA kits, that is where I spend the most.  But don’t stop there.  Be sure to check out the books in the Family History Library too!  There are so many treasures awaiting you in the books there.


Have fun!  RootsTech is an awesome experience.  Be sure to enjoy yourself.


And… look for me and introduce yourself, I would love to meet you!