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Finding “Hidden” Records on FamilySearch Study Group

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The FamilySearch website is overflowing with records!  Many of those amazing records are not indexed.  Have you learned how to find them all?


Do you know how to use the FamilySearch catalog?  FamilySearch Research Wiki?  Search the IGI?  Search user-submitted genealogies?

Do you know how to take an index without an image on FamilySearch (or one of the other big genealogy websites) and search the FamilySearch catalog to see if they have the image “hidden” somewhere in there?

Have you learned how to transition from “searching” to “REsearching?”


If not, my new study group might be just right for you!


We will meet virtually using Zoom for three sessions.  Sessions will be about one hour in length with a 15-minute buffer on the end for extra questions or in case we go long.  The group will be limited to twelve participants.  Each session will include direct instruction followed by questions and some live demo.  Handouts and optional assignments will be provided to enhance your learning.  Weeks two and three will include a review of homework assignments at the beginning of our class session.

In March of 2017, I wrote a blog post about the amazing gems you can find on FamilySearch.  You can read that here to get a sense of the type of instruction we will cover.  I have also been teaching a class by that same title for a few years.  This new study group will be an expansion of that class with additional FamilySearch goodies highlighted and hands-on examples for you to try on your own time.

Right now I have one section planned, but if there is interest I will consider scheduling additional sections.  If the time and dates planned don’t work for you, but you are interested, leave a comment or send me an email, that will help me plan accordingly.


More details and signup found here.


I hope you will join me!  I would love to help you learn how to be more successful with your research.



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5 thoughts on “Finding “Hidden” Records on FamilySearch Study Group”

  1. I am interested, but will be out of town for at least one if not two of the sessions. Let me know if you do this again!

  2. I have tried 3x now to pay by credit card. I enter the card info requested but there’s no place to tap “charge card” or the equivalent, it just keeps asking me to create a paypal account. Am I missing something.

    1. Hello Lorraine, yes it is a PayPal link. The credit cards it shows at the bottom of the “Pay with PayPal” button indicate the types of cards PayPal allows you to link to your PayPal account. Let me know if you have more questions!

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