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My Grandma, the Rescue Diver, Part II

DUVAL, Deane, skindiving article photo


Last week, I shared a photo of my Grandma in her diving gear.  I also have this article that she clipped and saved.  Having the clipping that I know she touched and cared about, means so much more than if I had found the article online myself.


DUVAL, Deane, skindiving article


Happy Tuesday, I hope you find or preserve a treasure today!  xoxo



8 thoughts on “My Grandma, the Rescue Diver, Part II”

  1. Oh, she looks so cute! 1960 seems like yesterday to me. It was my sophomore year at Ogden High. There was a goodly amount of discrimination toward women then, but I didn’t discover that until after I graduated. I don’t understand why she quit rescue diving & what the crash had to do with it. I can be so dense!!

    1. She didn’t want her son to be hurt rescuing the hydroplane boat driver in the fiery crash site on the water. So, she couldn’t send him in with the rest of the team for the rescue. That wasn’t safe for the rest of the divers on her team. They do rescues as a team so that everyone stays safe. She also didn’t want him on someone else’s team of divers. She decided the only way to keep him safe was if they quit diving. Kind of a bummer!

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