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Yesterday, I received a lovely email letting me know that I will also be speaking at RootsTech London!!  I am so excited!

Feel like joining me at this brand new event?  You can learn more here.

So far, 2019 has been a really awesome genealogy year – this news makes it even better.  What a great birthday gift!  RootsTech, did you know you planned this awesome event on my birthday?  😉



27 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!!”

    1. Thank you, Amy!! ❤️

      Yes, I have been there once on a very quick trip with my sister in about 2004. We flew standby (she worked for an airline at the time) and were there for just two days but we had a great time!

      My class title is – After the Scan – Online Preservation Your Family Can Find.

      1. Sounds great!

        We were in London in 1995 for a week, and we are going to England next month for 12 days—three in London. It’s a great city!

    1. Thank you, Teresa!! Oh, that would be great! Hopefully we end up at the same event/conference one day and get to meet in person. ❤️

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