A Nurturing Time of Year



It’s that time of year.  A time for planting and as a mother of school age children, a time for transitions.  Transitions from one school experience to summer.  A saying goodbye, a moving on, a time for nurturing from the mama bird.  And if all of that weren’t enough, one of my fellas is actually preparing to leave the nest.

So I’m busy nurturing my flowers and my people.  My blogging will be sporadic until school starts back up in late August.  I’ll be around when I can.

Here are some images of my porch.  We’re mostly off to a good start.  I have two containers that aren’t very happy.  I think the snails are having a grand old time with them.  Hopefully I can get that under control.

I’ll try to remember to post photos at the end of the summer.  My porch looks AMAZING by the end of the summer.  Well, by June actually, but it just keeps getting better all summer long.

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you make a fabulous genealogy discovery today!!

Author: thegenealogygirl

I'm a girl who loves genealogy. Let me tell you about it.

13 thoughts on “A Nurturing Time of Year

  1. Enjoy your summer. You certainly have a green thumb. Do you also grow any vegetables or garden herbs?

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  2. It’s gorgeous now! Can’t wait to see shots from later in the summer.

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  3. Looks beautiful! Have a great summer!!

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  4. So pretty! I’ve got some flowers in the flowers beds, but now I want planters on my porch too. Thanks for the motivation!

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  5. Beautiful flowers. Hope you have a wonderful summer

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  6. Your flowers look lovely. Spring and summer are such fun times of the year.

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