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Indexing: How it works

I love this simple video summary of indexing.

You can help contribute to the genealogy community by participating in an indexing project.  All those digital images are ‘stacking up’ just waiting for you.


These are some indexing projects I am familiar with:


There are plenty of indexing projects looking for volunteers.  Want to help index records for locales you are researching?  Check the project lists at FamilySearch and Ancestry World Archives Project.  Still don’t see your peeps stomping grounds?  Spend a few minutes with google, there may be a project you can help with that will help your research.

Do you volunteer as an indexer?

4 thoughts on “Indexing: How it works”

  1. Yes, I’ve indexed quite a bit (but not lately) for FamilySearch. When the 1940 Census was released, a little for Ancestry. I’ve also arbitrated which I like a bit more that the indexing. I’ve been too busy to take on any of those projects lately, but your post is a reminder that maybe I should do a bit each day…

  2. Reblogged this on Old Bones Genealogy of New England and commented:
    I’ve done some indexing over the past few years but lately, I haven’t had the time. So, the best I can do is get the message out and perhaps someone reading this blog will take a look at the process and volunteer. There are a number of indexing projects out there, but it’s Family Search that may have the largest collection of un-indexed documents. If you go to, there’s a link right below the large image in the center of the page called “Indexing”. Click the link, download a very small software program and you’re in business!

    There are a few rules to go by, but essentially, it’s pretty easy. You’ll have to have or get a user name and password. But please don’t worry that someone from the Latter Day Saints will haunt you! That’s just not their style or their motivation.

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