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Defined: Indexing

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Indexing is vital to genealogy work.

Without indexers you wouldn’t be able to search for genealogical records from the comforts of your own home.  Without indexers you would be using only microfilm, microfiche, complied histories and other tangible media items.  While these items are wonderful and still have their place – a very important place – indexers have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to make amazing genealogical discoveries.

Indexers make genealogy

So.  Much.  Better.

Hug an indexer today.  Or even better, be an indexer today!

10 thoughts on “Defined: Indexing”

  1. Just gave myself a hug. ‘Cuz I have indexed. It’s annoying! It can be challenging, and sometimes frustrating, BUT it is also educational, loads of fun, full of rewards and satisfaction knowing you are helping fellow genealogists find their kin.

  2. Thanks for spreading the good word of indexing! The more, the merrier. I have some links to indexing projects on my blog, too, which you may have seen.

  3. I love indexing when I am stuck on my own research. Good way to take a break but still work on genealogy. I have been helped with so many indexes that I felt selfish if I didn’t start helping.

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