Spreading the Genealogy Joy


I love helping people with their genealogy.

Like, really, really love it.

The past few weeks have been overflowing with helping others work on their family trees.  There have been many, many happy hours spent and many, many happy people helped.  Every second has been worth it – look at those lovelies up there, don’t they look happy?  I love making people’s faces look like that!

If you want your face to look like that too, visit your local FamilySearch Center and get some help with a research challenge.  Don’t need help?  Go and help someone else.

Let’s spread some Genealogy Joy!

10 thoughts on “Spreading the Genealogy Joy”

  1. Love what you’re doing. It must be very rewarding. And I’m glad your Family History Center is vibrant and alive. Others are not so lucky to have an open, active Family History Center near them.

    1. True, I am very fortunate. I also live close enough to BYU that I am able to order any films held at the FHL in SLC to BYU to view… for free. It is a wonderful blessing on both counts – great local FHC and BYU close by.

      Do you have a good research center near you?

      1. It is a true blessing for you. To answer your question, no and yes. Halfway between two. Never seen one open in the 7 years I’ve been researching. They don’t answer their phone either. The other is open but the staff give no explanation or help. Quit going about 3 yrs ago. Probably should try again. Maybe they’ve changed.

  2. Totally feel the same way! I went along to the local records office this morning to accompany my partner in crime Dom, so offered to do some look ups for people. Spent a nice couple of hours trawling through parish registers to help people with their trees. Feels nice to do that sort of thing for people.

    Plus I am such a super genealogy geek that if anyone asks me questions I am always eager to answer and talk about it! Love it!

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