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If You Want That Signature Pedigree But Don’t Want To Learn How to Make One…

signature pedigree - RGB-01


Recently, I shared this lovely Christmas gift my sister gave me.  I got so many messages asking how she made it that I suggested to her she might want to add a custom listing to her Etsy shop.  So, she did.

If you are interested in scoring one of those awesome signature pedigrees without dealing with learning how to create one, check out her listing here.  Bonus – she created a coupon for $5 off for my readers – THEGENEALOGYGIRL5, or click here.



Happy Tuesday!  I know that I have like a zillion unapproved comments here and lots of questions and comments on Facebook from my DNA posts from last week.  SORRY!  I had a wonderful, completely unexpected (and non-genealogical) surprise that has eaten up my spare time.  And now, I’m at SLIG.  I’ll catch up when I can.  Thank you for being patient with me.  And thank you for all of the kind comments, messages, and emails.  xoxo


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