Family History Gifts

Family History Gifts – The Signature Pedigree

Me & My New Treasure, 24 December 2018


Every year for Christmas I give some sort of family history gift to my family members.  Well, the last two years, my youngest sister has given ME a family history gift for Christmas.  This year, she totally outdid herself!

I present to you my newest treasure – my signature pedigree:


FullSizeRender - b


Isn’t that soooooo cool?!

I love it!

My sister said it was pretty tricky to track down all of the signatures.  She was reaching out to all sorts of family members to get them and then running them by other family members to make sure it was really the person’s signature and not just the person’s name written by a registrar or other record creator/keeper.

She said the next hardest part was cleaning up the signature so that the background behind it wasn’t distracting.  Thankfully her husband, a fashion designer, is a Photoshop master and he was able to help out.

What an incredible, thoughtful, lovely, surprising, and oh-so-perfect gift!


This needs to be a new trend don’t you think?!



And since my awesome sis says there aren’t very many family history gift ideas online or on Pinterest – let’s correct that shall we?  I’m adding a new page up there☝🏻 called Family History Gifts.  I have a few I have already shared here on my blog, but I’ll work on sharing the details of some others over the next few months.  And if you love this awesome creation like I do and want to help spread some good ideas, here is a pinnable image for you:


signature pedigree - RGB-01



ps – If you find yourself in need of custom invitations or announcements, you can find my awesome sister here.

pps – I totally blurred/altered mine and my parents’ names and signatures.  The actual wall hanging is crisp and lovely.