Mystery Photo of “Johanson Bedell”

Johanson Bedell
Johanson Bedell


This mystery photo comes from the collection of my wonderful cousin, Margaret.  The photo was found in a photo album that belonged to Margaret’s grandmother, Georgya Brouillette.  The photo is labeled as being “Johanson Bedell”.

The Bedell family name is in Margaret’s tree, but she does not have a “Johanson Bedell”.  The closest match that Margaret can find is a Jonathan Bedell, married to Jane Pollock.  Jane is Margaret’s 3rd great-aunt and Georgya Brouillette’s great aunt through her mother’s family.

Because this is not part of the tree that Margaret and I share, I am no help.  We share the photo here with two goals:


1 – Living family of Jonathan Bedell or a “Johanson Bedell” might find it and offer some insights into the identity of the man pictured.


2 – Any readers might have insights into the uniform.  Margaret is wondering if the uniform has something to do with his membership in the Masonic lodge.


Margaret added this insight from her research:

“I found a biography for Jonathan and it stated he was first master of Star Lodge, No. 709, A.F. & A.M. It is a Masonic Lodge in Hoopeston, Illinois.  This is where he lived from 1855 to after 1875.  His father’s name was Milo, so I’m leaning toward thinking this picture is Jonathan and my grandmother labeled it Johanson from something she heard.  All of the records call him John or Johnathan.”

A quick Google search of “uniform of the masonic lodge 1800s” brings up some interestingly similar results to this photo.  Are any of my readers familiar enough with his uniform to offer any insights that I can pass along to Margaret?


Happy Friday!  I wish you a wonderful, genealogy-puzzle-solving type of weekend.  xoxo