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Daughters of Utah Pioneers & A Funny Story

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On my genealogy bucket list there are two organizations that I want to join – DAR & DUP.

The DAR is the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I have several Revolutionary War participants in my tree that qualify me for this organization.  Also a few Loyalists but I think I’ll leave those off my application.  That doesn’t disqualify me, does it?!  I’ve never thought about that before…

The DUP is the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.  My tree is completely full of pioneers on my dad’s line.  And by full I mean every single line has a pioneer in it.  Lots and lots and lots of pioneers.

I was planning to join DAR first but then I started going through those boxes of my Grandma’s and guess what I found?  Her DUP application.  Well, a copy anyway.  A handwritten application in her beautiful penmanship.

That did it, I decided to deal with a bucket list item and I attended the next DUP meeting.  Conveniently for me they meet in the church building in my neighborhood about 3 blocks away from my home.  Several of the current members are friends and acquaintances.  I have attended the last three months.  I completed my application last month and yesterday I presented my personal history during our meeting.  My application should be approved soon – hopefully before our next meeting – and then I will be asked to present a history of one of my pioneer ancestors at a future meeting.

I have really enjoyed attending DUP.  There are always two songs, the Pledge of Allegiance, a history – either personal or pioneer, a short description of a museum artifact, and a lesson, all followed by refreshments.

I’m so glad I quit planning and did some doing!  I’m looking forward to many years of DUP activity.

Here is one of the stories that I included in my personal history:

“…I had a lamb that I raised for 4H.  I never got over the shock of discovering that people eat lamb.  I had raised my little lamb and spent time grooming it all leading up to the County Fair where I sold my lamb.  Later that night, we enjoyed a barbecue dinner with my 4H leader and her daughter, my friend Jodee.  After eating quite a bit of some delicious but unknown meat, I asked what I was eating.  Imagine my complete surprise when I was told that we were eating lamb!  Thankfully not my own lamb, but still, my sweet little lamb that I thought I was raising to be someone’s very nice pet had been sold for meat.  I couldn’t finish my dinner and sat in silence washed over by the echoes of everyone’s laughter at my surprise.  It wasn’t my best moment.”


Have you written a personal history?  Have you joined any societies?