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Certification Discussion Group



At the beginning of the year, I mentioned that I was working toward “going on the clock” and becoming a Certified Genealogist through the Board for Certification of Genealogists.  As part of that effort, I recently participated in a Certification Discussion Group created by Jill Morelli and taught by Cari Taplin.  It was fantastic!

If you are considering “going on the clock” or just wondering what exactly is required in that process then this discussion group is perfect for you.

You can explore their new website here.  Learn about the instructors here.  Get some details about the course here.  And lastly, you can sign up here.

There is a waiting list so if you are interested, sign up!  You can always defer if you get into a session that conflicts with your schedule.

This course was exactly what I needed.  Cari regularly reminded us that the goal of the course was to “demystify” the process of creating and submitting your portfolio.  That is exactly what it did for me.

Each discussion group had a presentation portion and then a discussion portion.  They use Zoom so there is also an ongoing chat amongst the participants.  That was really great for sharing links, making brief comments, and offering support and suggestions to each other.

Aside from being able to ask questions directly during class and in follow-up emails, I felt that the most helpful elements of the course were two very specific things – the portfolios shared and the rich resource lists.

Jill and Cari have been given permission to share the portfolios of three Certified Genealogists as well as their own portfolios.  That means that we were given FIVE different, successful portfolios that as participants we were able to read, study, and compare.  That right there is worth every single penny of the incredibly reasonable tuition.

The resource lists for each class were also SO excellent!  I have more things to read, listen to, and study than I was able to fully get through during the course, but everything I was able to work with was so excellent!  I look forward to being able to use these resources as I keep working through the process.

So, if you are considering certification and have questions, I wholly endorse this course as a great way to get the answers to your questions.



Happy Wednesday, I wish you much success and joy in your personal genealogy journey – no matter which route it takes you.  xoxo