Ellis Album

Black Ellis Album #1, Page 36


This album page features four lovely photos. The first is labeled, “Hattie, Beth, Claude in Middle Fork 1922.” Claude is my great-grandfather, Beth is his daughter. Hattie is seen in several photos in this album and often labeled “Hattie Storey.” The album creator was Blanche, my great-grandmother. Blanche’s daughter Claudia identified Hattie as Harriet Storey, daughter of Charles Storey and Elizabeth Ward.


Hattie, Beth, Claude in Middle Fork, 1922


The second photo is labeled, “Bernice, Gene, Glenna, 1923.” Gene is my great-grandmother’s sister. Bernice and Glenna’s surnames are unknown. If anyone recognizes them, please let me know.


Bernice, Gene, Glenna, 1923


The third and fourth photos were taken Christmas 1925. They include my great-grandmother’s younger siblings and son.


Grant, Gene, and Lane Huband, Christmas 1925


Grant, Gene, and Lane Huband, and Dale Ellis, Christmas 1925




This post is part of a series sharing this wonderful old family photo album.  You can learn more about the album here.  A digital version of this photo album can be viewed on Flickr here.



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