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Photograph Showcase: John Costello!

COSTELLO, John in Seattle
John Costello on the left with the striped tie.  Photo is labeled on the front with “Seattle Washin…”


This photo is my new treasure!

It is a photo of my great-grandfather, John Costello.  It is the only known photo of him from before his marriage to my great-grandmother in 1919.  The only known copy of this photo belongs to John’s daughter, Virginia.  Virginia’s niece, one of my Mom’s first cousins, took a picture of this picture and emailed it to me.  I was so delighted to open that email and see this photo for the first time!!

The back is unlabeled and Aunt Virginia does not know the identities of any of the other people in the photo.


Happy Thursday, I hope you will scan and share a special, rare family photo today!  xoxo


9 thoughts on “Photograph Showcase: John Costello!”

    1. Good question, Amy! Her photo collection is tiny and this is one of two photos she has of her father. He died in the 60s (she was born in the 20s) and they were very close. She identified the photo as being of him. It certainly looks exactly like him.

      I wonder if it was some sort of dance…? Now, if those New York prison records include a photo, I have something to compare it with!!

    1. Thank you, Judy! I am delighted!!! After I get back from RootsTech, I need to print and frame it. ❤️

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