RootsTech 2019 Virtual Pass


This week, RootsTech made the awesome announcement that they are adding a Virtual Pass for RootsTech 2019!


This means that you can have a RootsTech experience from the comfort of your own home.  But let’s try to clear up one thing right now.  The Virtual Pass is completely different from the live stream classes.



RootsTech has a live stream schedule that includes free access to watch each keynote address and 22 of the amazing RootsTech classes – live.  That means you need to make note of the schedule and watch those sessions as they happen.  Check out the live stream schedule here.




The Virtual Pass allows you to pay for access to a special list of 18 classes that are not part of the live stream schedule.  These amazing 18 classes will be available to view for 12 months after they are posted to the website.  You can watch them as many times as you like during that year from any of your devices.

There are two ways to purchase the Virtual Pass:

1 – As a stand-alone pass for $129

2 – As an add-on pass for your existing RootsTech registration for $79

Sounds great, right?

Wait until you see the list of classes!


For full class descriptions and additional details about the new RootsTech Virtual Pass, click here!



Happy Saturday, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend full of genealogy discovery!  xoxo



2 thoughts on “RootsTech 2019 Virtual Pass”

  1. Looks great—I am tempted, except for the cost and the fact that I tend to find a lot of talking over the computer mind-numbing. I find I can’t stay focused and start doing other things!

    1. I struggle with podcasts/webinars because of my hearing so I am also tempted but haven’t decided if I’m going to purchase the add-on yet or not…

      This is good feedback though that I can pass on to the RootsTech team. Thank you!

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