Words of Wisdom from a Stranger

Everywhere you go

One morning at RootsTech I found myself sitting, waiting for the general session to start.  I was early.  Like waiting before the doors were open early.  It gave me plenty of time to get exactly the right seat, review the classes I wanted to attend that day, and people watch a bit.  And, well, totally eavesdrop.

A few feet from me were two women who were talking about their plan for the day.  Several things were clear from their conversation – they weren’t genealogy rookies, they knew what they were hoping to learn, and they knew each other well.  One of the women mentioned a class she was planning to attend.  The other woman was surprised.  The first woman explained her choice.

She was planning to attend a class that was quite basic.  She said that she knows she has probably missed basic things over the years and is willing to attend a basic class to pick up any of those “missing” skills.

I was impressed with her humility and wisdom.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about her ever since that moment.

This is what I’ve come up with.

NONE of us can know everything about genealogy – every place and time offers different experiences and collections.  Let’s be humble enough to recognize we can learn from any class, any teacher, any fellow genealogist no matter how experienced we are.  Everywhere you go, learn everything you can.


11 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom from a Stranger”

  1. So true. I am both amazed and humbled by how much I have to learn—-not only about genealogy, but about everything.

  2. I feel like the only way I’ll stop learning is to stop living, and I hope that won’t happen too soon!

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