A Cheerful Package


I opened my door yesterday morning to see a very large box on my porch.  Inside were the three Hollinger boxes and two types of archival folders I ordered recently.

It was just the boost I needed to cheer me up a bit.  As the family member who spends the most time at home, I have been shocked to realize how much of my daily routine rotated around or was affected by our family dog.  Her loss has been very sad for all of us but I spend my day being constantly reminded of her absence.  So a little genealogy package cheer up was perfect yesterday.

Back to the Hollinger supplies.

Last year I was given all of my Grandma’s boxes.  Among the treasures are many letters.  Letters that I am so excited to go through, read, scan, and share with my family.  But, I wasn’t entirely confident about how to go about properly caring for them.

Amy Johnson Crow’s interview with Denise Levenick came at exactly the right time.  After watching I did some more reading and researching and selected some Hollinger supplies and placed my order.

If you have old letters or fragile family documents I highly suggest watching the interview.  It’s not terribly long and has some great tips.

I have a few more projects to wrap up before I start organizing those letters, but I am so excited to put my Hollinger boxes to use!

11 thoughts on “A Cheerful Package”

  1. Thanks for posting this. I need to start doing a better job of storing documents and photos. I don’t have letters like you have, but I still should do something to protect the few things I do have. Hope you’re feeling better. It takes a while. 🙁

  2. I saw the same interview between Amy and Denise! Just received my second shipment of folders for the WWII letters.
    We lost our cat a year ago and I still feel the loss at times. We had her for 16 years. 🙁

    1. I’m sorry for your loss! 16 years is a long time. It was a great interview, wasn’t it? Nice and short with lots of info. I haven’t started sorting my letters yet because I have some other projects I need to finish up before.

        1. That is nice! Mine are in a shoebox. I have a feeling they are already in chronological order knowing my Grandma, but she died about 12 or 13 years ago so I wouldn’t be surprised if her order has been messed with by someone.

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