Multiple Windows Part II – How-to

A reader commented on my previous post that she wished I’d shared the “how-to” of my different set-ups.  So here you go, a little how-to video on using multiple windows and tabs.

Happy Wednesday!

10 thoughts on “Multiple Windows Part II – How-to”

  1. Multiple windows and tabs save me all the time! 🙂 I almost miss work with two screens, lunch break genealogy work was amazing!

  2. Thanks for the video. One question. When I want to open a link in a new tab, I just hold Control down while I click on the link. Is there a reason you open it and then copy and paste the URL to open a new tab?

    Thanks! I’d never thought of making the windows above each other as opposed to side by side. Maybe that way I will be able to see the text in one while I copy into another window.

    I also do this with Word—create a separate window so I can copy text from the browser or another document into Word or type it if copy and paste doesn’t work for that page or document.

    1. Hmm, do you have a mac or a pc? When you say “When I want to open a link in a new tab, I just hold Control down while I click on the link.” are you talking about clicking on the url in the web browser? I just tried that and it did nothing. If you have a new-to-me keyboard shortcut I definitely want to learn it. Please explain.

      ps- when I typed shortcut I accidentally typed snortcut. heeeheee 🙂

      1. I am on a PC, windows 10. If you hold CTRL as you click on a link on website—for example, the link to the document you’ve attached to a profile as in your example, it will automatically open a new tab—at least in Chrome. I am not sure what browser you are using. It may not work in Firefox or IE; I haven’t tried it with those. Try this one. Here’s a link to my blog. Hold CTRL as you click on it and see if a new tab opens in your browser.

        1. Interesting! CTRL click gives me a pop-up with a few choices including “open in new window”. Command click opens the link in a new window. But neither of them work on a url in the browser web address bar. So I just tested it out in ancestry on Telesphore’s obit. When I command click on the link it opens it in a new window. I also tried it on Anastasie’s baptism record because that record just has the “view image” button on ancestry. I did command and then clicked that button and it opened it in a new window! Hooray!! You just taught me a trick that saves a few clicks and page loads. I’m all about saving clicks and page loads. Thank you Amy!!

          1. You must be on a Mac? I have no command button, but I guess it does the same as Ctrl on a PC. Glad to be of help. I also like as few clicks as possible!

  3. Thank you! The video was helpful and it has given me a way to view several things at once, always a plus when we are reviewing and transcribing records.

    Thank you again.

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