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New Ancestry Color Options

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Earlier this week the Ancestry blog announced new color options for Ancestry users.  Here is a sample of the blue – pretty bright.  There are a handful of choices.  If the Ancestry default color doesn’t work for your eyes, go check out the other options.

I love it when the big websites address common complaints/requests.  The default color works for me but I know a lot of people struggle with the colors, and a lot of people have complained.  Ancestry listened.  Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “New Ancestry Color Options”

  1. As a creature of habit who adjusts to change only when required, I will keep the defaults also. It took me a while to adjust to New Ancestry, and now I can’t remember what the old one looked like!

  2. I don’t remember exact colors, but it was light on light, I think! Nice they addressed the looks, but it’s like painting an old rusty bucket–you can change the color, but it still leaks.

      1. Not so much anymore. I side with Amy, change is hard, especially when I’m paying money to be aggravated. So I eliminated the aggravation.

        1. I’m so totally devoted to Ancestry that I powered through. But I have a handful of specific collections found there (and only there) that use constantly. I also use my Ancestry tree as my primary working copy of my tree. But I get it. A lot of people are unhappy with Ancestry right now.

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