My Fellas

Summer has arrived at our house.  I suddenly find my spare time reduced to a sliver.  There are big things going on at my house.  My oldest started his first job – hooray!  I’m busy running everyone around, going to the library, and the park, and on walks.  I have to fit in lots of board games, and play-doh time, and coloring.  I get to find ways to distract my almost 13 year old from the ‘I’m bored!’ statement.  I’m moving from one kid to another all day long.

We also have a big reunion coming up in a few weeks.  We have lots of company coming over the next three weeks.  And a few other pretty major things eating up time.  I’m still fitting in genealogy almost every day.


I have run out of time to write about it.  And to read about it.

So, it’s summer break on my blog.

That doesn’t mean I won’t post all summer, just that I will only post when I have time.  This Fall, I’ll be back in full swing.

Happy summer break!

ps- Don’t I have beautiful children?

Author: thegenealogygirl

I'm a girl who loves genealogy. Let me tell you about it.

19 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Wishing you a great summer with your family!


  2. Yes, absolutely handsome fellas! Enjoy ’em – They grow up way too quickly.


  3. Love the picture! And enjoy the summer! Some of my favorite memories are when my parents just did simple things with us kids (for example, every Friday was game night). Have fun creating memories!


  4. 🙂 fab boys! Somehow I totally missed this post in my reader and been sat here for a few days wondering where you’d disappeared to – now I know! Enjoy your summer break!


  5. Hope the break sees you renewed and ready to go in the Fall.


  6. Happy summer — and you certainly do have gorgeous kids 🙂


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