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What story can you record today?  A story that future generations will be hungry for?


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  1. One of the challenges facing a blogger whose subject is genealogy and family history is making it relevant to a wider audience. Among the family members who know the main characters a more intimate approach can be taken. The form may also be shorter.
    But the family will know, in time, the lessons and interactions of these stories to the whole. It enters the stream of daily life and becomes a part of discussions whenever inspiration is needed.

    Reaching out to a wider group is much more difficult. This is because the letters, diaries and photos do not have immediate importance to readers who do not know the family. I think in telling the story and passing on the memory to a wider number of people the blogger has to really reflect on the family history and extract what the relevance of the lesson is for other people. How were our own ancestors struggling, coping, celebrating and dealing with common issues of their time.

    It’s not an easy task but in telling the story, I think it is up to the blogger to determine how the message is shaped and who the reader is. That approach will help shape the structure for a memorable story.

  2. I’m very glad to hear that! Sometimes I long to just put up photos and captions about the events. Outside of my friends and cousins, though, who would be compelled, driven, or very attracted to even take a look?

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