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For My Sister – A Fascinating Story

My sister Tara called me Friday morning confused about why my blog post for Friday wasn’t about the lady who was married for a few weeks before her husband died.

It took me a minute to realize that she was referring to a video I shared on facebook.  This very video in fact.  She saw the title but didn’t watch the video.  She figured she would watch it on my blog.  Well, now she can and so can you.  This video made me teary, lots of emotions as you learn her story.  For a genealogist like me, it is a little disturbing that this woman went SO MANY years without answers when they were there all along.  Despite her heartbreaking years, her ending is lovely.


4 thoughts on “For My Sister – A Fascinating Story”

  1. So moving. What a wonderful woman and so dedicated to her husband. Utterly amazed at the town in Normandy commemorating him as they have for all these years. Thanks for sharing.

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