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Photograph Showcase: My Mom & Her Wiggle

Debbie, December 1965My Mom, December 1965

I love this photo of my mom!

It was taken by her grandparents in their Photo Studio and hand colored by her grandma with oil paints.  While the photo and the hand painting are very lovely, the thing that I am most drawn to in this photo is the expression on my mom’s face.  Almost 50 years later she still does that little thing with her lips.  Any second and her lips will pucker just a touch and then she will wiggle the corners of her mouth.  I don’t know how she does it.  None of her five kids can do it.  It’s a pretty impressive skill that she pulls out when she is teasing someone or being clever.  I’m so glad this photo captured the tiny expression that is so familiar to me – the little grin before the wiggle.

Debbie, December 1965, back

The back of the photo just ups the coolness factor for me.  First, it’s dated – thank you!  Second, my great grandma made notes on the back of the names of the oil paint colors that she used.  Not every color but a few.  She must have liked how it turned out and wanted to remember what she had used so she could used it again.

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