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I think is one of the greatest wonders of the digital age.  There are a lot of websites out there for genealogy.  Many of them are good.  Many of them cost money.  Of all the good, money-costing websites, is my favorite.  {Well, except for – but that website is very location specific.  I’m talking about my favorite of all the whole world websites.}

If you spend much time on genealogy then you are probably well versed in the delights of  If you are new to this genealogy world I suggest you give ancestry a try.  They offer free two week trials or even better, visit a local family history center and try it out for free.

I could spend a long time giving you a tour of ancestry.  Instead I am going to bottom line this for you – I love the record collections and I love the tree feature.  There is plenty of other good stuff, but I spend most of my time on my tree and digging through the records.

Things I love about my ancestry tree:

  • I can share it with my family.
  • I can choose to make it public or private.
  • I can add photos, documents, video and audio.
  • Those little green hints that they mention on the commercials are awesome – not perfect – but awesome.
  • I can attach records I find directly to a person in the tree.
  • The functions of the tree are very user friendly and fast to execute.
  • I can search directly from a person in my tree and then alter the search parameters as I go to change the results.
  • It’s mine.  No one can mess it up.

Things I love about the record collections on ancestry:

  • There are gazillions of records.
  • They constantly add to it.
  • Ancestry acquires a wide variety of records.
  • There are records for every location I have ever searched.
  • If I find an error in the indexing, I can submit a corrected entry.
  • The catalog contains record collections that are not indexed, or are partially indexed.  This means collections are available more quickly, you just might have to do a little more digging, like searching a microfilm on your computer – LOVE IT!

I will have lots more to say about my favorite website in the future.  But for now I will say, I looooovvvveeee  It’s my favorite.  Try it out.  Tell them I sent you.

{Just kidding, those folks at have no idea who I am.}

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