from the beginning

Let’s start at the very beginning

A very good place to start.

In genealogy, the beginning is you.

It’s rather a backwards business, but all good genealogy work starts with you and then moves on.  Or more precisely, back.  And then forward.  And then back again.  On and on we go like this moving back a generation and then bringing that generation forward to the present.  Then back another generation and then bringing it forward.  So for every step we take backwards on our tree, we take far more steps forward.  In this way we are tracing not only our ancestry, but the posterity of each of our ancestors as well.

I’m getting ahead of myself here.

We’re starting with you.

Take a few minutes and create a little outline about yourself.  And I mean little.  This is a simple task really, but a great start.  It might include some of these items:

gg - outline about me

And with this simple start you have the very beginnings of your own personal history.  A story that you are best equipped to tell.  No agonizing, just some basic facts you know off the top of your head.  Jot it down or type it up.

Now take this outline and save it.  Start a file.  It could be on your computer or in a regular old file folder.  Wherever you keep it, be ready to add to it because we are going to keep right on going.  This is just our first step.

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