What Are We?

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Several years ago my younger brother Derek asked me this very important question – ‘What are we?’

He was referring to our ethnic makeup.  I pulled out one of the many small, yellow legal pads my mom keeps around and began calculating.  I did have to refer to my tree to double check a few things but the result is this, I am:

  • 7/16 English
  • 3/16 French-Canadian
  • 1/8 Scottish
  • 3/32 Danish
  • 1/16 Spanish
  • 1/16 Italian
  • 1/32 Welsh

I still have that ratty yellow piece of paper.  I think I have hung onto it because it felt so concrete – this map of my fractions.  So many things are used to define us but this, this was a beautiful math problem that represented all of the people who came before me.  The people to whom I owe my very existence.  The people who I carry somewhere in my DNA and more importantly – my heart.

Have you taken the time to answer the question?

What are you?