Relish those Thank Yous

Tara and Amberly
I’m the big sister, Tara is the little sister

I don’t know about you, but it isn’t very often that I get a thank you from my family members for my work on our family history.  That’s not a complaint.  Just a fact.  It’s not that my family isn’t grateful and never says thank you.  It’s that the amount of time I spend is so massive (they would probably have me committed if they actually knew) and the thank yous that come when stacked up against my hours are fairly infrequent.

But when those thank yous come, they are especially sweet and I try to hang onto them as I work.  My sister Tara sent me one recently in an email.  It made my day and when I shared it with a fellow genealogist, I jokingly/half-seriously said that I thought I would frame it.  She told me in wide-eyed earnestness that I absolutely should.

Here are Tara’s sweet words in response to my email telling her that about the audio recordings of our Grandpa reading children’s books:

“Awesome. This is so exciting! Thanks for being the family historian. I think it’s so amazing how you’ve shared Uncle Darrell’s story. You’ve done a great job and I think Grandma Naomi would be so proud and happy that you’ve told his story and done such an amazing job. And collected everything you could find and put it in one location.”


Does your family express gratitude for your genealogy work?  I hope so!


ps – I know it’s Thursday and I usually post a “Tell Me a Story” post.  It’s Spring Break for my kiddos and I didn’t have the time for that.  But this, this was on my mind.  I’ll tell you a story next week.  Happy Thursday!!

13 thoughts on “Relish those Thank Yous”

  1. Yes, my maternal line relatives support me 100%. I’m continually encouraged. I’m also the recipient of many tidbits, memories and stories. It’s overwhelming at times but makes me realize what an important job this is.

    That’s a lovely photo of you and Tara. There’s no mistaking you’re sisters.

    1. Thank you EmilyAnn. I’m glad you get so much support from your family. That’s wonderful. Isn’t it interesting how we all experience different responses from our family members?

      Thank you, I love this photo too. 🙂

  2. I completely agree! I also love it when other relatives whom I’ve never met email me a simple thank you for sharing pictures and stories of family members they remember. 🙂 Framing that email isn’t a bad idea! You could put it right next to your computer as a reminder when you’re working on genealogy!

  3. That’s awesome. It’s a privilege to be the family keeper of the history, records, and all the other related stuff, but it’s like icing on the cake when you receive appreciation and thanks. I’m with NikiMarie: Blow it up, frame it, and hang behind your computer where you can see it as soon as you enter the room.

  4. Thank you? No, not exactly. Some are very interested, some even excited by what I find. But not grateful! I think they think I am a bit nuts, and I think they think I do this because I love it (I do), not for them, so they don’t feel any reason to thank me. But that’s okay. I just hope my work survives me and helps to honor my family’s history.

    1. It seems like we all have very different experiences in regards to gratitude from our family members for our efforts. I hope you get a heartfelt thank you from someone someday. You have certainly earned one!

  5. I know what you mean! We never expect it, but it sure is wonderful when we receive those Thank you’s! It always makes my day and I need to share my thank you’s more often!

    1. Amen to that! It also makes me realize that I need to pay better attention to the “specialties” amongst my family members and thank them for their contributions and sacrifices.

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