From My Family Tree


What does that ring have to do with my family tree?

Well.  Almost nothing.

But I could make a case that it is in fact related to all things genealogy.

My brother made it.  Out of wood (which comes from trees).  Family.  Tree.  😉

Or that in my family tree I have loggers.  The ring could be symbolically honoring those men.

Or I could just tell you that my brother made me that beautiful ring and has just launched his website.  Check it out.  He makes some amazing rings.  And if you’re in a liking mood, ‘like’ his Facebook page.  There’s a link at the bottom of his website.

Maybe you need a ring made from the national or state tree from the birth country of a favorite ancestor?  His rings are all custom made.  He would be happy to help you create a family treasure.

Shameless plug now over – have a happy genealogy day!


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