Who Do You Think You Are? – Minnie Driver Love


I really love the show Who Do You Think You Are?

I love the full circle, Hollywood style, tell us the story in a condensed format, emotion packed journeys.

I especially enjoyed Minnie Driver’s episode from this past Wednesday.  I was transfixed by her story.  There is a haunting beauty to her journey.  She has the kind of story that breaks researcher’s hearts.  Secrets, hidden truths, tragedies, stories lost when a loved one dies.  Her journey uncovers many of those secrets and hidden truths.   She is able to find amazing connections with her past.  It’s simply lovely.

If you haven’t been watching Who Do You Think You Are? you can watch full episodes at TLC.  You can also find UK episodes on youtube.  Past seasons of the America show are probably somewhere, I just don’t know where.  🙂

“I think it’s powerful, knowing where you come from.”  -Minnie Driver

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19 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? – Minnie Driver Love

  1. Oh man! I’ve been missing these??? I thought they’d quit filming. Thanks for the update!


  2. That’s the only one I haven’t watched yet this season, but it’s recorded on the DVR. Sounds like they saved the best for last.


  3. That was a good episode. Hers and Christina Applegate’s are my favorites. You can tell they’ve got a juice story when they don’t use the “Coming up” and “What You’ve Missed” filler to bookend every commercial break.


  4. I posted a link to an interesting interview with Dan Bucatinsky, the co-producer of WDYTYA, but I think wordpress put it in your spam folder. Look up the Family Tree magazine blog. If you’re interested.


  5. I loved this show and used to watch it on Hulu. Then we dropped cable TV. But we picked up Hulu+. Now it seems they only show short clips. I can’t seem to get anything current on Amazon, Hulu+ or Netflix. 😦


  6. I really want to watch the latest US series, but can never seem to find the full episodes. I went onto the TLC site a while ago and was able to watch the clips but whenever I went to watch a full episode – nothing. But we had Minnie Driver’s episode as one of the previous series here in the UK, it was great. We have a series running at the moment over here, I never miss an episode!

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