And They’re Off!

My oldest, first day of his Junior Year of High School!
My middle one, first day of 7th grade – first year of Junior High!
My little pal who hangs out at home with me and likes to pull the cushions off the couch.
My window-box, totally unrelated to back to school except for the fact that I always take it’s picture on the first day too.

Summer is over!

I sent my darling kiddos off to school last week and all is well.  My tiny fella and I are happily settling back into our routine.  Time to get back to some good family history blogging!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Welcome back! I am slowly catching up with stuff as I’ve been so busy since I went back to my day job in mid-July! So be prepared for a flurry of likes and comments!

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