Memorial Day Flags

My Littlest Sweetheart, Memorial Day 2014
My Littlest Sweetheart, Memorial Day 2014

I live in a very small town with lots of Boy Scouts.

In my very small town, the Boys Scouts post flags several times each year.  Memorial Day happens to be one of the days on which a flag appears in my front lawn.  This completely delighted my two year old this morning.  He ran right out to inspect the flag and dance around it’s base.  While I didn’t feel the need to run directly to the flag and begin dancing away, I too was completely delighted to see the Star Spangled Banner posted in my yard, gently waving in the breeze.  In fact, I was delighted all day long as I drove around town and saw the streets lined with flags.

Does your town post flags for Memorial Day?

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  1. The Boy Scouts have done another fantastic job this year with their visits to the national cemeteries. They should all be commended.

    1. As a mother of two current and one future boy scout, I am very grateful for the many opportunities they have to be involved in serving, honoring others, and working hard. I will pass along your thoughts to my twelve year old who helped post flags. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What an adorable photo….and such a great memory for you and your family to treasure. Other than on telephone poles on a main street, no, the town I live in doesn’t plant flags. But there is a small town near me that does put flags in everyone’s yard like yours, but certainly not that big! That’s fantastic.

    The cemetery that my 3rd g-grandparents and most of their children are buried in, fly flags at every post of the chain link fence that runs along the front of the cemetery. Approaching the cemetery, it is very moving to see them all rippling in the breeze while in the background, all the flags placed on the Veterans’ graves are also fluttering away. I understand the Ladies Auxiliary completes that job.

    Remember too, sometimes someone has to go back and pick up those flags. For my 2nd g-grandpa’s cemetery, they start today, slowing moving around the cemetery to retrieve the flag from each Veteran’s grave. It’s a huge cemetery, over 6,000 markers. Not sure how many are veterans there are, but in speaking to the ladies, they said it takes about 2 weeks to plant the flags. What dedication.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I imagine it is quite a site to visit the cemetery your 3rd g-grandparents are buried in.

      You are right, it is quite a job. My twelve year old is one of the scouts that helps with the posting and clean up. In our town the flags are placed early in the morning and removed sometime between 7 pm and dusk. It is used as a scout fundraiser. People (not every one, but a lot of people) in town agree to donate usually about $40 to the scout fund that pays for scout camp in the summer. In return, the boys post flags on every major patriotic holiday all year long. It’s a good project for them, makes the town look awesome, and enables every scout to attend scout camp whether their family can personally afford it or not. We see flags on Memorial Day, President’s Day, 4th of July, 24th of July (a big holiday in Utah), Veteran’s Day, hmmm, I think that is all. Anyway, it is one of my favorite traditions found in my little town.

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