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Find my past logos.inddYesterday I started a findmypast subscription.  I’ve used it at my local FamilySearch center a few times in the past.  Now I can use it from home whenever I like.  It seems the indexes on ancestry.com haven’t been very good to me with regards to my Hyde and Whiteley lines.  I’m looking forward to greater success.  Wish me luck!

Which subscription sites do you spend your pennies on?

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  1. Oooh yay! Hope you have better luck!

    I use Findmypast and Ancestry mainly. I used to subscribe to The Genealogist but found that the main titles I used on it (pre 1858 wills and non-conformist records) were then available on Ancestry so I stopped my subscription from renewing.

    I used to subscribe to Genes Reunited to make contact with other people who might have the same ancestors but find that less and less people seemed to be using it and my messages were not being read, so I gave up with it.

    Other sites I use on an as and when basis – because they are credits based like ScotlandsPeople and some Irish records sites. At some point I might do a subscription to Deceased Online as they have recently made that an option, but will see what other burial sites they will cover in the future as to whether it is worth it for me.

      1. I have. It’s a growing database of burial records covering various locations in England and Scotland. Mainly cemeteries rather than churchyards. You can view simple info for free, then for a fee see the entry in the burial register and details of others buried in the same grave (could be other family members or a communal grave but will say how many other people there are so if it is a lot then assume its a communal one) and if there is a headstone you can view a photo of that. It can be a bit pricey with credits but its great when you find records with headstone photos.

  2. I’m cheap. I only pay for Ancestry, and I do that only once every three months or so. In between times, I’ll write down a list of things I want to look for on ancestry that I couldn’t find anywhere else. And I’ll use the money I save on subscribing to pay for a document retrieval. Eventually I would like to explore other services, but I’m sticking with my $20 a month genealogy budget for now.

    1. I’m impressed! That is a very small budget. I am pretty frugal in most areas of my life but genealogy is an area where I spend a little more.

      Do you have access to any research facilities that have ancestry available to patrons? If so, you could use your entire budget for other documents. 🙂

      1. There’s a Family Search Center in the outskirts of Chicago, but it would take me a train and 2 buses to get to. I utilize the Newberry Library when I can, but those resources are limited, although they offer great classes. I’m saving to attend the next one this summer.

    1. It primarily contains records for the UK. I’ve been working on my Whiteley and Hyde lines which come from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England so I decided it was time to have better resources for that research.

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