Inspired: Something for the Wall

Norman Rockwell, Family-TreeThis Norman Rockwell print can be purchased here.

I enjoy Norman Rockwell’s work.  A lot.  He tells a story with every image.  Each face is filled with detail.  Somehow he invites us to get to know a person by the expression on their face.

Recently, I ran across this print he titled ‘Family Tree’.  I think it is delightful.  It might look nice in my office.

Do you have any genealogy themed art hanging in your work space?

I have treasured family photos hanging but I’m thinking I should look into an inspiring quote or two, maybe a beautiful pedigree or chart, or a cool print like Mr. Rockwell’s ‘Family Tree’.

How do you make your workspace inspiring?

4 thoughts on “Inspired: Something for the Wall”

  1. I LOVE Normal Rockwell as well! My grandmother was a huge fan and my dad has a piece that he gave to her a few years before she died. It’s a painting from Stagecoach and it’s signed. She treasured that! Speaking of her, I also have one of her art pieces hanging above my computer where I do my genealogy work. She was my inspiration to get into genealogy and I like the feeling of having something of hers watching over me 🙂

  2. I have never seen this before. Thanks for sharing it. I love how he portrays both the “civil” and the “uncivilized” in this tree at the same time. In practice, it seems more typical to me that family historians pick one set or the other to emphasize. 🙂

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