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Ancestor Story – Naomi Skeen – 52 Ancestors

Naomi Skeen PetersonNaomi Skeen Peterson


Naomi Skeen is my great grandmother.  She is the beloved mother of my grandfather that I have written about here and here.  Naomi’s life was far too short.  Her heart gave out when she was just 52 years old.

My dad was almost 5 at the time of her death.  He has one short but precious memory of her.  He recalls being at her house when the cherries were ripe.  He asked if he could pick some and she said that he could and that she would like some too.  She helped him rig a bucket and rope and then climb into the tree to pick cherries.  He remembers that she was very kind, loving, and gentle.

I spent this afternoon {the day before publication of this post} scanning in some memories about Naomi written by her children, siblings and niece.  I uploaded them to FamilySearch and my private tree on ancestry.  As I read through the tender words of her loved ones, I was once again struck by what a lovely person Naomi was.  I was washed over with a feeling of gratitude that I descend from this amazing woman.  I am so proud to be her great granddaughter.  She is one of my heroes.  I hope that I can live up to her example in some small measure.  One day, when I pass from this life and see my family members who have passed before me, I look forward to meeting her.  I’m not in any hurry, but it’s definitely a moment I look forward to.


The stories I digitized today:

There were two additional stories I worked with written by her daughters Janice & Marilyn.  They are longer so I put them together as pdf files.  FamilySearch is a bit slow today so I wasn’t able to tag them and attach them to Naomi yet.



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  1. Great idea to get these memories together like that. All so much better to build up a picture of people we never got the chance to know.

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