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How I Share: Family Card Game Awesomeness


ufgc - for ggEvery year for Christmas I give some sort of Family History gift to my siblings and parents.

Over the years I have come up with some good, some mediocre, and some off-the-charts-amazing gift ideas.  My goal is always to share something about our family in a bite size way.  This past Christmas I outdid myself.


Totally.  Outdid.  Myself.


I created – The Ultimate Family Card Game.


First things first – are you wondering how I count this as a ‘Family History’ gift?  I will admit it is a bit of a stretch.  But, only a bit.  It contains some awesome history of the family I grew up in and our next generation – the adorable grandchildren.  It doesn’t go any farther back than that but I feel like this is a crucial part of Family History Love.  Plus it has my parents’ adorable baby pictures – they’re old enough that those pictures are plenty historical right?  Crickets?  Okay, they aren’t that old but still, my point is valid.

What is this game?  My version has 60 cards, 5 suits, 12 cards per suit.  Each family member is represented by two cards – one has a current picture and one has an early childhood picture.  Each family unit is represented by two family photos.  Every card has a ‘match’.  The cards were printed double-sided, in color, on high quality, thick paper.  It is smooth with a bit of a sheen.  They feel really nice in your hands and shuffle well.  Plus, I put them in a cute tin.  We use it to play: Go Fish {two card match version, much faster}, Memory, War, Slap Jack {possibly the best part of this game is you get to choose who to slap…}, Rummy, Phase 10, B.S., Old Maid, etc.

My favorite part of this game?  All the warm fuzzy family love we feel while playing of course!  Lots of ‘remember whens’ and ‘look how cutes’.  Plus it is great for the generation of young cousins who live far apart and don’t see each other nearly often enough.

My whole family loved this game.  My mom and one of my sisters asked what company I used to create it.  Best. Compliment. Ever.  I created the entire game and had it printed at a local print shop.

I have already planned my gift for next Christmas.  I set the bar pretty high in 2013.  I hope I won’t be disappointing anyone next year.



Do you give Family History gifts?  If so, what have you given?


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    1. Yes! We use it to play memory, go fish, war, and slapjack the most. One of my nephews regularly spreads the cards out on the floor and builds a tree. My parents are in the middle and the tree goes both back and forward with their ancestors and their descendants. I love that he loves them so much!

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